Your personal data has become currency. It’s time for you to cash in!

The reality: companies are already buying and selling your data.

Just like Delia, Steve and Holly, companies are buying your valuable data every day. You too are unique and that is what makes your data valuable to companies. Companies make big bucks off of your data every day and you don’t see a dime of it.

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. With Killi, you earn money every time someone wants to purchase your valuable data. You’ll also earn money by answering questions about your preferences.

Killi wants this to be easy for you to earn real money quickly. But, we also know that privacy is important so only you decide what information you want to share and sell. At any time, you can change your mind and preferences. The more data you share, the more money in your wallet.

Killi offers two key ways for you to earn money.

Sell your Data and Answer Surveys

Sell your Data: Brands have been buying your data for years. Time for you to earn.

Are you aware that your data generates approximately $30 a month per individual social network in North America? Or that there are thousands of other companies that also use your data for profit?

Killi gives you control of who uses your data and under what conditions. With your data back under your control, Killi allows you to enter into smart contracts directly with brands who are looking to purchase your data.

The best part, you don’t have to do a thing but sit back and earn each time these brands want to buy your valuable personal data. So, enjoy watching the cash pile up in your wallet.


Surveys: Companies Want to Learn about You and they’ll pay you for it.

Surveys are a quick and easy way for you to make money from your personal data. Share your opinions and earn money.

It doesn’t matter what your answer is, you’ll earn money every single time you answer a question. Every. Single. Time.

Surveys allow companies to fill in gaps in their current data sets. They allow marketers and data buyers to better understand you – such as preferences for products or services—all to help them build a better connection with you.


How it works.

Killi makes it easy for you to earn money.


Download the app.


Create your personal data profile. Decide how much you want to share.


Killi connects data buyers to you.


Companies agree to buy your data. Killi creates a smart contract between the buyer and you.


Your data is stored and remains on your device.


You see money added to your wallet.


Redeem for an Amazon gift card or PayPal payment.

Join the revolution now.