Secured by the Blockchain. Controlled by you.

Killi is a global community of people just like you, who are determined to change how the world uses their personal data.

Killi acts as a personal data locker that is controlled by the user and secured by the blockchain. Killi allows you to take back control of your personal data from those who are selling it today without your consent.

Are you aware that your data generates approximately $40 a month per individual social network in North America? Or that there are thousands of other companies that also use your data for profit? You should have a say in who uses your data and under what conditions. With your data back under your control, Killi allows you to enter into smart contracts directly with brands who are looking to purchase your data to inform their decisions.

We get it, you’re skeptical. Don’t be. Brands have been buying data for years and will continue to do so unless we create a new way of buying data – directly from the consumer. 

What about security? Your data is safe with Killi. It stays with you on your device. We don’t even keep a copy of it. Why? We think it’s important for you to remain in control and be protected from those who may try and steal your data.

How is this possible? Simple. None of your data is stored in a central system but is maintained by the user at the handset level. When entering into a contract with a data buyer, the agreement is drafted between the user and the brand directly via blockchain technology, the most secure technology in the world.

Blockchains are decentralized and distributed across peer-to-peer networks that are continuously updated. Because they are not stored in a central location, blockchains do not have a single point of failure and cannot be changed or accessed from a single computer. Simply put, this means that your personal information cannot be shared, hacked or stolen by anyone — not even we can access it without your say so. 

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