Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make money with Killi?

    Earning money with Killi is easy.

    When you opt-in and share your data, brands may qualify you to participate in a survey. Each time you answer a survey, no matter how you answer, you earn. It’s that simple.

  • How does Killi ensure that my personal info is safe?

    At Killi we actually don’t hold your data. This stays with you on your handset. If you delete the application your profile and identity are gone. This is important because as we have seen countless times with companies such as Equifax, Yahoo and others – when you store the personal data of millions of people in one central source, you are asking for trouble.

    Here is more on the Equifax data breach story and what all companies need to consider moving forward.

  • Who pays me the money?

    The buyer of your data pays you directly for your information and survey participation. The buyer of your data may include: brands, platforms or a data company. Each buyer of your data is displayed in the activity history with the wallet tab in the app.

  • Where is my money stored?

    Your money is stored by Killi within the app until you redeem it for cash.

  • How do I access my money?

    You can cash out once you have more than $5.00 in your account using an Amazon gift card or $10.00 using PayPal. These minimum amounts are required by Amazon and PayPal. There are no fees in using Amazon, but PayPal charges you $0.32 per transaction in Canada and $0.25 in the US. We are looking to add some additional redemption options in the near future, so stay tuned!

  • Is there a cost for using Killi?

    Killi is free of charge to the consumer but we take a small transaction fee to write the contracts, pay for transactions on the blockchain and staff the team. The percentage we currently take is 50/50, but we intend to increase the percentage going to consumers over time.

  • Can I review or delete my personal data from Killi if I want to?

    100%. Your data is stored on your phone so you can always review it or delete it. With the exception of advertising ID, which is required to use the application, all other data can be added or removed as you choose. If you want to remove all of your data as well as your profile, just delete your account and/or the application and your data will be gone. But, remember that the more you share the more you will earn!

  • How do I change my Email Address?

    To change your email you need to ensure the following:

    • Your app is updated with the current version of Killi.
    • You haven’t already verified your email. Once your email is verified you will not be able to change it.
      (For verified email addresses, we don’t currently have the ability to change them. It is on our roadmap, if this is an issue please let us know.)


    Steps to change your Email:

    1. Go to the Identity Screen and click on your email address.
    2. Once on the Email Address Screen, shown below, click on the email address, your keyboard should pop-up and allow you to edit it. Once you have edited the email address click Save.


    Change unverified email address with Killi

  • How much money can I earn from Killi?

    This is hard to estimate as it depends on how much information you share and how many brands are in the system participating. There is a correlation between the number of people who are using the application and the amount of money you can make. The more people, the more brands. The more brands, the more money. The initial range will be a min of $0.05 to a few bucks, but this will grow over time. As we like to say – those who drove for Uber initially didn’t make a lot of money, but once it grew, so did the payoff.

  • Who is behind Killi?

    Killi is a product created by the same people behind Freckle, the world’s leading offline attribution technology company. Freckle works with Fortune 500 brands and agencies helping them determine which media channels and vendors have been the most effective in driving an individual to visit a real world location – like a store or a place of interest. Learn more about Freckle here:

  • Can I choose which brands send me surveys?

    Signing up with Killi means you are allowing any brand associated with Killi the permission to send you surveys. We only allow brands and agencies the ability to participate in Killi and not data aggregators or other companies.

  • What countries does Killi support?

    Killi will be supported initially in Canada and the US, but we are expanding to new countries shortly.

  • Can I get my money in different currencies?

    You will get money in your home currency.

  • What if I want to delete the app? Where does my data go?

    If you delete the app you will stop sharing your data. All previously shared information will still exist with any brands who sent you surveys.

  • Does your app work in both Android and iOS?

    Yes. Our app is in both the Apple App store and Google Play store.

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